Frequently Asked Questions


Nothing can grow in Central Oregon, can it?

There are literally thousands of trees shrubs and perennials that will grow in Central Oregon, as long as you feed and water them.  Micro-climates exist around structures and natural formations that can be used to integrate plantings you may not otherwise be able to use.  Also every year there are more and more cold hardy varieties available. 


Are critters a problem?

Deer are our biggest problem: their natural browse is antelope bitterbrush, but a petunia probably looks like a pretty good dessert to them.  I don't think there are any totally "deer proof" plants, except maybe for cactus and lavender and I'm not positive about lavender.  There is, however, a long list of plants deer don't care too much for and there are a lot of ways to discourage them.  With a bit of planning, diligence and luck, your garden will be just a place for the critters to admire instead of consume.


What do you charge?

It depends upon the project.  The initial consultation is free; I'm happy to come out and look at your landscape and discuss what you would like to have done.  When you decide to hire Little River Design we will write a contract for services so that each party knows what to expect and when to expect it to be accomplished.


Where do you work?

Our shop is located in La Pine, OR, but we work from Redmond to Gilchrist to Fort Rock and all points between.

We are happy to go farther for larger projects:  we have landscaped a motel and restaurant in Burns, OR and a bowling alley in La Grande, OR.


I have drainage problems. Can you help?

Part of a good landscape design is to address any problems that exist.  Depending upon what and where the drainage problem is, creative solutions can be worked into the landscape usually adding interesting components like a "dry streambed" or other natural looking formations.  If that isn't your style, runoff can be piped away from your structures or problem site.


Will my irrigation system freeze in the winter?

When Little River Deign installs an automatic irrigation system, we install a "quick coupler".  This device accepts the hose fitting for an air compressor.  Compressed air is blown through the piping and blow any residual water out through the irrigation heads.  This is a lot more effecient and cost effective than trying to use drain valves.